Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yesterday, the Tiny Mite Lake Brantley Patriots defeated the Apopka team in their pre-season opening game!  It was exciting to watch the teams in action...they are tiny and mighty!  Addison held his own on defense, and the defense did a great job holding a tough team back from scoring too much.  The parents and coaches were more excited than the kids!  It was fun to watch the little boys and girls in action.  Cheerleaders were precious, and the boys were so cute!  We were proud parents.  Daniel took just under 500 pictures.  Here are a few...

Addison is number 40.  He plays on defense, and his coach above, Dale, is great!  Look forward to this week's practice and another game next week!  Thank you to Grandpa Dan Cook for driving over for the game too!  We will enjoy many more games this fall and see other grandparents on the side lines which is a treasure for the memory books! Love being back in Florida!

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