Friday, August 17, 2012

Football is Fun!

Football update...
Addison has been moved from Offensive Tight End to Defense.  Not sure what position he is in there?!  Daniel watched the end of practice each night, and Bryan and I start out watching the beginning.  At the beginning of yesterday's evening practice Addison was off to the side learning the ins and outs of defense.  He was slow in his movement and needed lots of instruction.  However, his coach's are great!  Daniel is also trying to encourage Addison.  Daniel told Addison last night, "remember when we have tackle time at you ever hold back?"  Addison's reply, "yes?!"  Daniel's response, "here you can do not have to hold back!"

By the end of practice Daniel said he was smiling ear to ear and gave him a big thumbs up!  It warms my heart to know that Addison is happy trying a new sport.  It is a joy of the journey of growing up!  I remember all the ballet classes, piano lessons, gymnastics at the YMCA and Gym Rompers, choir at church, flute in middles school band, and tennis lessons.  It wasn't until middle school that I feel like I found my true calling...running.  It truly makes me smile!  I loved trying all the many activities that my parents encouraged me through and paid for!  When we try new things we meet new people, discover inner strength, and learn to broaden are horizons!  I pray our children will find their favorite hobbies as they grow as children in God's vast world of choices!

They do a lot of running (pic 1)
Addison is the 2nd smallest & likely youngest person on the team (pic 2)

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