Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bits of Bryan

These photos reveal "Bits of Bryan."  This has been a sweet month with Bryan.  He is growing!  His little legs are getting longer, and his feet are growing out of the size 6 shoes and on to size 7!  His vocabulary continues to grow as well.  He says the funniest things, and I love some of his developmental speech errors..."cash can" (trash can), "foofall" (football), and many more that are just precious to this speech therapist mommy!

On Monday we sent big brother to school, and we enjoyed our morning walk home from the bus stop.  He loves the little gate we get to go through in and out of our neighborhood.  He continues to suck his thumb, and we are working on discontinuing the habit.  We went to the park to play after her open house at his preschool.  He calls his school the "green roof school" and his "batist" (Baptist) school.  Again, precious!  He liked his new classroom, and on Tuesday he started his first day of two days of Mother's Morning Out.  He reluctantly left my side, but there were no tears so that was good.  I enjoyed my first day of work with both boys at school, and I managed to squeeze in a special date lunch with Daniel at Macaroni Grill up in Lake Mary.  It was a rare treat that may occur again due to our new routine!  Praise God for the little things.  We are blessed.  "Add to your joy by counting your blessings."--unknown

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  1. Glad to see you writing! Thanks for the link.