Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Father's World

"This is my Father's world: I rest in me the thought of rocks and trees, of skies and seas; His hand the wonders wrought." Maltbie D. Babcock

These photos reminded me of this quote.  We live in our Father's world.  His creations are beautiful beyond belief.  It is a joy to watch humans interact (especially your own family), and to see the amazing landscapes at the beach and in our backyard.  The alligator was photographed by Daniel just the other day.  The gators thankfully stay in the water so far and cruise on by.  A black snake surprised my friend in our front bushes yesterday though...glad he was gone when we went outside!  

Daniel's Uncle Myron called on Tuesday night to inquire about our beach picture (above).  He is commissioning the same artist in New York to paint a window beach scene for his wall in Utah.  It was great to talk with him and be reminded of the gifts that surround us.  Daniel and I bought that picture in Melbourne Beach, FL at an art show before we had children.  Now, our children enjoy the beach life of Florida.  The picture has hung on the wall of four homes...two in Georgia, one in Kansas, and now in our Florida home.  Funny story came back to mind this week when I was talking with Myron.  We overlooked the picture in our second GA home when we moved to KS.  Thankfully when we contacted the buyers they still had the picture, and our sweet neighbor, Len Severson drove it from GA to KS when he came to visit family in KS.  Thankfully we got the picture back and didn't have to pay for shipping!  

God takes care of the little and big things!  Hope you see his face today!  Another good quote by Babcock is below.  Found it online and worth sharing as well.--JKC

"Good habits are not made on birthdays, nor Christian character at the new year. The workshop of character is everyday life. The uneventful and commonplace hour is where the battle is won or lost. – Maltbie D. Babcock", pictured is C.S. Lewis at his writing desk.

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