Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Altar to the Lord

Sitting at my desk, my altar to the Lord, I am reminded of Abraham this morning.  I'm re-reading Genesis.  Abraham moved a lot also, but he always set up an altar to the Lord for worship and prayer.  I consider my desk to be that place.  I wake up early, and I like to read online, in my Bible, drink hot tea, and listen to calming music on Spotify.  It is heavenly!

Today I lit a candle in addition to turning on my lamp.  Lovely!  I am leading a group on Facebook for women called "Hello Mornings."  There are 13 of us women studying the Bible, encouraging each other to wake up early to do online fellowship so to speak.  It's great!  I really enjoy reading what other women do in the early morning hours too!  Some are mothers, wives, and others are single women.  A few work outside the home, and others of us are stay at home mom's.  It is a nice blend of young and older women.  I am thankful that I have a quiet space to read, write, and worship.

Prayers this week go out to Jackie, Adam, and Jackson Shaw as they move from the West to the Southwest from AZ to TX.  Look forward to seeing Jackie and Jackson soon in September when they come to Florida for a visit!  Time flies, and it's nice to pause and see family when you are able to.  Glad it is the end of the week...looking forward to a restful weekend with the family!

"God fills my life with good things." Psalm 103:5

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