Saturday, August 7, 2010

170 on Saturday

161. Max Lucado...a great author...a friend gave me a card yesterday with words from him:
"Blessed are the available.
Blessed are the conduits.
Deliriously joyful are the ones who believe
that if God has used sticks and rocks to do His will,
then He can use us."
162. Sam's Club Saturdays
163. Car washes...I remember them as a kid how fun they were, and now how fun they are for our kids
164. Family pool time
165. Running on the treadmill...a love-hate relationship
166. A nice shower
167. Dressing up for date night with Daniel
168.  Music
169.  Snaily is still alive (Addison's pet snail in a habitat's going on over a month now)!
170.  Psalm 115:15 NIV "May you be blessed by the Lord."

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