Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

266.  My mom is in town for a week!
267.  Our boys were on excellent behavior while we arrived one hour early to the airport.
268.  My MOPS activity box kept us entertained in the airport.
269.  Free hard candies from Massage Envy kept Addison's palate wet while we waited for a later lunch with Granny.
270.  Dinosaur Cafe/TREX at the Legends...that place is truly cool!
271.  Pool time with Granny
272.  Hamburgers on the archaic meal perhaps, but OH so good!
273.  Daniel completed his memory work and is moving forward with his 3rd degree for the Masons...he is honoring thy Fathers in a special way
274.  Job interview today for me...a very part time Speech Therapist job at a nearby nursing home...4-10 hours per week...we'll see if God opens this door or closes adventure to say the least.
275.  Early A.M. energy...where is this coming from?  God, what do you want me to do with this time?

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