Monday, August 16, 2010

Early Monday

Well it's pre-dawn again, and I'm up again.  I'm enjoying the early hours though I must admit.  I have true quiet, me, mom time. :)  Enjoying the stillness, enjoying God's presence and peace...

Yesterday's favorite photos:
236. Like Father, Like Sons

237. My dad (William Bryan) and our Bryan both LOVE any car with a steering wheel to "drive!"

238. Our sprinkler ball from GA was resurrected!  Addison last played with it in our backyard in Senoia at age 2, and now at age 4 in Olathe, KS.  Still fun for him and for me to watch!

239. Crunchy Cheeto face post pool snack...priceless!

240. Bryan also shares an affinity for crunchy carbs like my dad and me!

241. Hot tea with fresh lemon
242. Reflections in a water glass
243. Flower picking with Addison yesterday
His arrangement:
"Mom," Addison said, "The green ones are cool...they look like swords!  And, the green beads are kind like green beans."

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