Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiring Tuesday

Tonight I'm tired, but it was a good day. :)
191. Tired voices...Addison is whining in the kitchen about finishing his dinner...it is a joy to hear his voice because he's so talkative, argumentative, and persuasive...perhaps a future lawyer! :)
192.  Daniel is washing our dishes
193. Bryan is asleep and quiet in bed
194. Tom, a friend from church, will be here soon for a visit
195. Tears from Addison...now he doesn't have dessert...meltdown...I have to admit it's tough to be a parent some times...those natural consequences are rough but necessary
196. Earlier today we enjoyed some cool water at our pool
197. Branches...I see tree branches out our front window...something about them is so beautiful
198. Talking with my mom and dad today...I'm thankful for their loving presence and that we can chat often
199.   Callie, our cat, is sitting sweetly in my lap
200.  "I do not like you! Go away daddy! I want to eat by myself with no one by me."  Addison says.  Daniel says, "Okay and walks away."  Quiet.  Hooray!   Maybe he'll actually finish his dinner?!

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