Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awake on Wednesday...

Today I'm thankful for...
296.  the flowing fountain of God's grace and the ones that remind me of it in our foyer and front yard.
297.  backpacks hung on hooks.  It is back to school time!
298.  shiny wood floors.
299.  clean carpets.
300.  neighbors and new friends.  God is blessing us with babysitters!
301.  cupcake faces.  I just printed off the cutest photo of Addison with a chocolate goatee and mustache!
302.  calendars.  Those Mayans (or whoever invented them) were so my style...I need to have things written down to remember them and stay organized!
303.  packages.  It is SO fun to get things in the mail!
304.  my mom.  She flies back to FL today, but we have had a wonderful week long visit!
305.  my dad.  He is such a teddy bear!  He loves us all so much!  Hugs to Curly Bear...see you in September!

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